Digital Marketing is a broad term that refers to marketing through the use of electronic devices and the internet. Businesses use a number of Digital Marketing tools, such as, email, mobile, search engines (Google Ads), websites, social media and others, to communicate their business products and services to their customers.
Non Internet Digital Marketing channels include print media, radio, billboards and television.

How has Digital Marketing benefited small businesses?

The internet and technology have changed the way small businesses reach and interact with customers.
Before the internet and Digital Marketing was available, the best way to reach large numbers of people across the country or around the world was through the traditional channels- Print media, such as newspapers and magazines; Radio stations and television channels and billboards.
Traditional media channels have become very ineffective for small businesses, as a means of advertising to reach customers and increase sales. The Internet and Digital Marketing offer so much support to the Small Business owner willing to take advantage of it.

Here’s why traditional media channels are ineffective for small businesses.

1. Small businesses don’t have huge marketing budgets and can’t afford to waste budget on advertising that does not provide a measurable return on investment.
2. The Traditional channels don’t allow you to measure the results of your campaigns and activities.
3. It is difficult to know whether your advert in newspapers, TV or radio is reaching your actual buying customer.
4. It is difficult to measure the return of investment from advertising in traditional channels.
5. Traditional channels are extremely expensive and therefore only big businesses can afford to have adverts at prime time.

What does Digital Marketing allow Small businesses to do?

1. Target your customers directly
Instead of placing ads on television and radio and paying for people that aren’t your customers and aren’t going to buy from you, Digital marketing allows you to target your exact customer and speak directly to them.
Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter allow you to target very specifically the people who should be viewing your advert. So only potential customers see your adverts and hear your messages.

2. Connect with customers on a regular basis
Having a page on social media channels (Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, You Tube), is not the same as paid digital advertising. For many people, having a business page on Facebook, getting page likes, posting a few posts from time to time and boosting posts is Marketing on Facebook.
Paid digital advertising allows you to reach new customers and new markets which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach, rather than just people who happen to stumble across your business. It allows you to target the customers you want to communicate with.
Paid advertising is the best way to reach your target audience in order to grow new and future sales.

3. Compete as a small business against bigger more established businesses
Because technology allows very specific communication to reach each person connected to the internet, small businesses no longer have to compete for the prime-time spot against bigger more established businesses.
Digital Marketing allows small businesses with small to create content that can be easily shared, tracked and measured.

4. Track your visitors and retarget them with relevant advertisements
Wherever you go on the internet, you leave behind a trace.
Do you know who has been to your website, or which product or service they looked at while there? Tracking tools are easily available on Social Media channels such as Facebook. They allow you to know exactly who has visited your website, who has clicked on your ad and what interaction they have had with your business while online.
You really just need to know how to use the tools available to identify people who engage with your business in some way and then be able to retarget them directly with relevant offers.

5. Social Media Marketing is also much more affordable than traditional media channels.
Digital marketing is extremely flexible as it allows you to pay as little or as much as you would like in order to reach your target audience.
Facebook is still the cheapest platform to use to reach potential customers.
Google Ads are currently more expensive than Facebook ads, however, they can deliver high quality leads and sales when used correctly. Some businesses are better suited to Google Ads rather than Social Media channels such as Facebook.

Peoples media habits have changed

More than 32% of people in South Africa in 2017 are on Facebook according to recent research, and this number is expected to increase.

If your business isn’t using Digital Marketing effectively to generate leads and grow your sales, then what are you waiting for?

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