Lead Generation

A marketing strategy that gets results

Custid Digital Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency based in Johannesburg

We create relevant, engaging content and offers that get customers to take action and buy your products and services. We generate the necessary leads you require and nurture the leads until they become paying customers. We work across a variety of industries in both B2B and B2C environments.


We find the right customers for your business

By targeting your ideal customers with relevant content, we ensure that you don’t end up chasing the wrong customer. The right customers come looking for you.


Automated Lead Generation systems that work 24 hours a day.

In order to successfully grow a long-term business, it’s important to put in place the necessary systems to ensure long term growth and sustainability. These systems work day and night to deliver the results you need to generate customers for your business.

We set up the necessary automated digital systems so that you can focus on delivering the best products and services for your business.


We help you navigate the obstacles in a digitally connected world

New digital platforms have replaced traditional media channels in effectively reaching customers. The good news is that new media channels are more targeted and cost effective than traditional ones.
We help you choose the best media channels to deliver the results you need. We make sure that you use the media channels where today’s customers can be found!

Old Media vs New Media

  • Direct mail vs Email
  • Networking vs Social Media
  • TV vs Youtube
  • Radio vs Podcasts
  • Newspaper vs Blogs

Our Process

Here’s our process for generating leads and customers for your business

Step 1

Identify your goals and objectives

Understanding your business objectives helps us tailor make your campaign and measure the success of our initiatives.

Step 2

Research your ideal customer and create buyer personas

We conduct research on your target customer and create buyer personas that help us create relevant and engaging content and messaging.

Step 3

Determine the strategy for your business

Based on your goals and target customer personas we determine the ideal strategy and offers to get your ideal customer to take action. We determine the media channels, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instragram, Google PPC, Linkedin), Content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or more.

Step 4

Engagement strategy

By offering customers something of value we can help you start to generate the leads you need. We create relevant content such as blog articles, videos, downloadable guides, etc.

Step 5

Lead conversion

Lead nurturing, marketing automation and retargeting ensure that you get improved conversion rates and leads convert to paying customers.

We Can Help You If….

You Have a Good Reputation / Products

You must sell good, solid products or services, where you have a good reputation in your marketplace and there is long-term value in the relationship you build with a client.

You Have Sufficient Resources

If you decide to work with us you must have the systems in place to be able to call/follow up on the leads we provide (at least 20 per week).

Case study – Return on ad spend of over 284%

Dr Brenner had discovered a snoring solution in Switzerland to help correct his snoring and help his brother deal with sleep apnea, a deadly snoring related illness. He wanted to create greater awareness of the solution amongst people who snore and convert more clients to customers of his snore solution.

Our Strategy

We used Facebook Ads and Google ads to reach people interested in snoring solutions. 


We targeted customers to create awareness of the dangers of snoring and sleep apneoa.

New Processes

We also introduced a system to improve the lead quality and ensure that more of the leads convert to paying customers.

The Results

The results were a return on ad spend of over 284% and over 3713 customer opportunities generated in 6 months.