Qualifying as a Life Coach is only the beginning of starting a life coach practice. The reason why 43% of start ups fail is because life coaches have not identified their ideal client nor what solution they provide to the ideal client.

Life Coaches have also not realised that Social Media Marketing is imperative to the success of their life coaching business simply because it is teeming with clients. To find out why digital marketing is important, read the following article Digital Marketing should be every Small Business owner’s best friend.

Moving your Life Coaching business from a hobby to a fully-fledged business requires a strategy. In this blog article, we will explain the 3 steps you must implement to make sure you start your coaching practice with a bang.

The following steps will help you to begin to get a reliable flow of the right type of customers, customers that you can actually provide solutions for.

To start your coaching practice, you need to do the following:

  1. Find your niche
  2. Treat your coaching practice as a business
  3. Communicate clearly the solution you provide


  1. Find your niche

Firstly, why do you need a niche?

A niche helps to structure your business so you can draw a particular client. When you work in a niche, you learn the “nitty gritty” of that industry which positions you an expert in that field which makes your client trust you to help them with their business. Finding your niche can be frustrating. However, what one needs is the right formula.

In order to find the right niche and provide the best value to your customer, you need to do some introspection.

Here is your checklist:

  • What are your qualifications?
  • What is your experience?
  • What do you love doing?
  • Who do you love working with?

Once you write down the answers to the above questions, a pattern will emerge on a niche market that will, not only help you find your niche market, but will also provide you with a practice that will be personally fulfilling.


  1. Treat your practice like a business

Once you’ve decided that you would like to open your coaching practice, you need to be organised. You must put the correct systems in place that will allow your practice to attract clients and run efficiently.

2.1 Be sure to hire professionals to help start your business eg. Hire an accountant to take care of your practice’s finance, hire a digital marketer as they know how to create your online presence that will attract your niche market. These people will ensure your practice runs smoothly and will leave you free to provide the best service to your customer.

If you cannot hire professional services to help run your practice then explore online platforms that will help clients to self-book their appointments, manage your billing and remind you of your appointments.

2.2 You must decide on whether you will work from home or visit your clients. Working from home will mean that you must have a space to work in that is free from the distractions of the daily running of a home.

2.3 Tell your story. Telling your client your story, that is, what personal experience prompted you to coach makes you personable. As a result, it establishes a relationship of trust between you and your client.

2.4 Make sure you have a good phone and internet connection. This will help you stay in contact with your client.

2.5 Decide which platform you will use to hold your online meetings. Will you use Google Hangouts or Zoom?


  1. Communicate clearly the solution you provide

You can only attract the right clients if you communicate what solution you provide. Are you a fitness coach or a personal wellness coach? Define this clearly and explain how your solution adds value to your client’s life.

Remember, your practice brand only emerges after a few years and is determined by your work ethic, care of clients and the value you provide to your clients.

It is imperative that you follow the above steps to ensure an efficient and sustainable coaching practice.


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