Ensure your business has a clear marketing strategy 

The website looked beautiful, it was well designed and had the key messages clearly communicated. He sat in silence appreciating the marvel that was his new business website.

Then the question arose in his mind- Now that I have built it, will they come and will they buy my products and services?

If you build it will they actually come? The answer, as most people who have created a website and waited for the flood of customers know, is No! unfortunately they will not. Not without further marketing efforts that is.

Customers wont come to your website without you marketing what you have to them. Small businesses learn this lesson very quickly.

Having a web presence is very important, if you want to be in the marketplace, however, you need to consider the way in which people find your website and once they have found it, the manner in which you nurture them until they eventually become a paying client. 

Digital marketing has specific tools, techniques and skills that should be used in various combinations in order to deliver the intended result, in the case of most small businesses,this is to find and create paying, loyal customers.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing according to WikiPedia is the marketing of products and services mainly over the internet.

Effective Digital Marketing makes use of many of the following tools and techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, etc.

The good news is you have one of the most important aspects to begin he process of marketing your business online, an effective website!

We will cover the topics you need to know in order to make effective use of Digital Tools, and techniques that will generate customers for your small business.

So why is a website just the starting point?

  1. Customers don’t wake up in the morning with your brand/product in mind

In the world in which we live, there is so much information coming at us that it is difficult to know what information to pay attention to and what to ignore. Its just impossible to absorb and recall all information that we encounter, our brains aren’t programmed that way. So we mostly recall information that is relevant to us and helps us function effectively. Products or services just don’t stand out unless they are relevant to us and we see the messages at a time when we are ready to buy. This is the reason why brands try to constantly be visible to their target customers. Successful products, services or brands go to where their customers are and they try to constantly keep themselves at the top of the customers mind.

2. People buy from people they know and trust

Human beings generally are skeptical and want to know that they are buying something that is of a high quality and that will meet their needs. Nobody wants to buy a product only to find out that they wasted their time and money because the product doesn’t do what it claims to do. Even if your product does what it claims to do, how can customers trust you if they don’t know you?

Interacting with people is what builds a relationship of trust. This means that you have to first prove that you can meet the needs of the customer and show that you have done so for similar customers too. Reaching out to customers through paid and free advertising can and does help to build levels of trust, if done correctly.

3. They buy when they are ready to buy

If you are like me you are probably wondering, so how do you create in customers the desire or need to buy. You advertise. Advertising allows you to reach customers with messaging that identifies a problem they may have and a solution to that problem. As people move through different life stages, we need different things. Advertising allows you to get the message to

Finding the right partner to support you on your digital journey is an important step to effectively marketing your business.

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